Bethany Village Wants You to 'Take Us With You'

By Sam Miller
You helped bring the world to them with hundreds of postcards, now you can bring a part of them out in the world with you. We're talking about the residents at Bethany Village Senior Living Community in Wayne County. Last month Activities Director Kim Erickson put out the call for postcards to bring the excitement of exploring to the senior residents, since they've been confined due to the pandemic. Now she's asking you to 'Take Us With You'. This new project is a card she produced resembling the residents on a bus trip. Make a copy and take it wherever you go: on vacation, to dinner, out for a walk or a hike. Take a picture there with the card and send it to Bethany Village. It's similar to the Flat Stanley story. You can post the photo on Facebook and tag Bethany Village or email it to [email protected]