Couple Donates Cuddle Cot

By Margaret Allen
Photo, left to right: Joe and Hannah Henselder; Janice Pettinato, RN; Brikele Mallick, RN; Natasha Freethy, RN; and Lauren Medina, RN
Wayne Memorial Hospital has received a unique donation from a couple who's child died shortly after birth last year. The “cuddle cot” was given to the maternity unit by Hannah and Joe Henselder of Tunkhannock. It’s essentially a cooling unit inside a bassinet that gives parents of a baby born stillborn or deceased shortly after birth time to say goodbye. The cooling device preserves the newborn’s tiny body for several days so the parents can hold and bond with the baby, creating unforgettable memories. The couple lost their first child last year, a baby boy who lived for just six minutes after he was born, and the cuddle cot was a comfort they didn’t expect. The maternity staff was thrilled to receive the unit but hope they never have to use it. Wayne Memorial Hospital records close to 500 births each year, most delivered by ob/gyns or certified nurse-midwives from the Women’s Health Center, part of Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers.