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Do you know... ...Carol Maindardi?

Submitted by Cindy Davis

I was always ambivalent of Mermaids. For me, they were just a child's fantasy. That is, until I had a conversation with Carol! She shared the story of her personal connection to Mermaids and why she calls herself "the Mermaid lady"... She totally changed my perspective!

Carol had a recurring dream of seeing herself drowning. She struggled to catch her breath and break free. Never giving up, Carol would continue to try. In the dream, she eventually grew a tail which helped her to swim and survive. After a long struggle and toughened by the experience, Carol finally made it out of the water and onto dry land.
Carol discovered that she was comfortable and able to survive in both realms (in the water as a Mermaid and on land as a human).

Carol tells that at the time, she was in an abusive relationship. Carol parallels her story to that of a Mermaid. She kept growing stronger and stronger, until she was finally able to break free. She survived the ordeal! She discovered that she was the Mermaid!

Carol Maindardi continues to explore the archetypal Mermaid as a metaphor for her own journey as a woman. Her recent collage series and illustrations capture the openness Mermaids face by being trapped in two worlds. Mermaids are stargazing, floating and longing through her expression in drawings on paper or prints with fabric, tough leather or mantra-ray skin tails. Lumiere metallic and pearlescent colors, as well as oil and acrylic hand-marbled paper create their environment.

Carol is a professional artist and sole proprietor of Prints and Books. She is involved with professional conservation of books, artwork on paper and museum quality housing of artifacts and gallery displays.

Carol loves to teach an assortment of printing techniques. She works with all skill levels. Carol invites Scout Troops to schedule a workshop for the children, where they can earn badges!

Carol's prints begin at $40.00. Original paintings start at $85.00 To see some Carol's Mermaids, visit The Art Factory of White Mills.

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