DRBC Votes to Ban Fracking in the Delaware River Basin

By Sam Miller
The Delaware River Basin Commission officially voted to ban fracking in the Basin yesterday. This vote maintains what has been the status quo for several years, as the lack of rules put in place by the DRBC created a de facto moratorium on fracking. This vote makes the ban official, preventing hydraulic fracturing to extract fossil fuels within the 13,539-square-mile basin of the Delaware River. They also reinforce policies to discourage importation of wastewater and exportation of water related to hydraulic fracturing, and rules governing the treatment and disposal of frack water. This comes after a federal judge set a trial date in October for a hearing on the ban, and after Republican state lawmakers, Wayne County, and Damascus Township filed suit opposing the de facto moratorium. The four states on the Commission; Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware, all voted in favor of the ban. The representative from the federal government abstained from the vote.