Enrollment Period for Pennie Extended

By Margaret Allen
A new opportunity for Pennsylvanians who need health insurance is available for a limited time. Pennie, the state based health insurance marketplace has opened a COVID 19 enrollment period, now through May 15th and Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman, encourages anyone that needs it to enroll.

Altman: "Due to the continue public health risk of this global pandemic and in line with President Biden's recent executive order, the Pennie board of directors unanimously approved the opening of this enrollment period to provide all Pennsylvanians affected by COVID-19 more time to enroll. Global health pandemics are fortunately rare, and the financial and economic impacts of COVID-19 will likely last for many years. It is also rare for health care coverage enrollment to be open to the public like Pennie is doing. But it was important to take current events into consideration and shift to provide enrollment to those seeking coverage."

If you are uninsured go on the website to get health coverage that will take affect this year. If you don't have internet access call 1-844-844-8040.