H'dale Boro Postpones Adopting Media Production Ordinance After Public Outcry

By Margaret Allen
Adoption of a proposed ordinance to regulate media production activity in Honesdale has been postponed. Instead, a committee is being formed to further review the ordinance and it's requirements. With nearly an hour and a half of public comments at last night's Borough Council meeting and more than 40 written comments submitted, the public unified against approval of the ordinance. The Media Production and Regulatory Provisions Ordinance is geared towards movie and television production companies, following commercial production activity last year considered adverse to traffic and business in the downtown area. The proposed ordinance includes permits and application fees, violations and penalties. The biggest concern is the wording of the document and its affect on local photographers, artists, and the general public. Council President Michael Augello assured those concerned that it does not pertain to them, and informed those in attendance that the issue is going to be reviewed for amendments before any action is taken. Council members Jim Jennings, Jim Brennan, and Jarred Newbon agreed to be on the committee, with sentiments from the public considered.