HHS Agriculture Program Bears Fruit

By Margaret Allen
The agriculture program at Honesdale High School, is in its fourth year and continues to grow, literally. This is the first full school year students have been working in the greenhouse and you can purchase the fruits of their labor, vegetables and flowers too! Program instructor Mrs. Pohle says they’ve been in class in the greenhouse since February.

Pohle: "We mostly grow in out aquaponic system in the winter, so that is growing with fish and water. The fish waste actually feeds out plants. We grow lettuce and other vegetables throughout the winter. This project is through the horticultural class at Honesdale High School, and so all the students in Horticulture actually planted all the plugs and most of the other vegetables by seed. And we have been in here planting all year and working hard since February and March to make the greenhouse in full bloom."

The sale started last Saturday May 22nd and continues this Saturday morning from 9 to noon and Tuesday June 1st from 3:30 to 5 pm. The greenhouse is in the courtyard, down the bus lane at Honesdale High school.