HHS Students Donating to Charity, Fight Against COVID

By Sam Miller
The Honesdale High School Department of Lights and Sound will be donating to the fight against COVID-19 and local causes. Each year around the holiday season the Department students put on the HHS Holiday Light Show, which is funded via donations made by viewers who came to watch. Connor Coar (core), Honesdale High School senior and part of the Department of Lights and Sound, says this year was one of their best.

Coar: "We definitely got a lot of profit. It was one of our best years, as far as my knowledge, with the Holiday Lights. We donated to the Hospital, were are giving them bags, little snack bags. A thank you to the doctors and nurses at Wayne Memorial Hospital. We also donated to the Wayne County Community Foundation COVID Relief Fund. As well as one of our teachers in High School, Mr. Lockwood. He is also doing a bike trip for the Alzheimer's Awareness, so we also donated to his cause."

The Holiday Light Show already encouraged viewers to stay in their vehicles to keep from the cold, letting the show go on even during the pandemic.