Honesdale Borough Council Responds to Black and Brass Controversy

By Sam Miller
The Honesdale Borough Council addressed an ongoing controversy involving a local business at their meeting this week. The Borough Council has been confronted with public backlash in response to air quality violation accusations made against Black and Brass Roasting Company. According to the Borough Black and Brass, a small coffee roasting business with several locations in and around Honesdale, was the subject of complaints about air quality due to their roasting operations. In 2020 the Borough received the complaints and was reportedly contacted by the PA Department of Environmental Protection over the same concerns. The Borough filed violations against Black and Brass, which the company appealed, though the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed that procedure. Since then, the Borough says it has not taken additional action against Black and Brass, that any fees the company paid were for hearing fees for the appeal, and that the company moving its roasting operation out of Honesdale is its own decision. Earlier this year, a petition was started to garner public support for Black and Brass, saying that the Borough had filed a cease-and-desist against the company.