It's Memorial Day, Remember

By Margaret Allen
As you enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday today, take a few moments to think about who this day is for. So many people before us payed the supreme sacrifice for our freedom. It’s the least we can do…to honor the fallen soldiers that payed the ultimate price. Let’s also pay tribute to our living veterans and all the members of the armed forces that put their lives at risk for others. Many people take it for granted that we’ve got another holiday, another day off. For those who died in the line of duty, there isn’t another day. For those wounded in battle, every day is a struggle, and for those who show know physical impairment, the emotional scars are there. So while you’re enjoying the day today, Memorial Day…take a moment and reflect on, and give thanks to, those who really deserve it. There are people in countries all over the world that would give anything to be a part of this nation…with its liberties and justice for all.