Legislators, Health Care Officials Meet with Pike County Commissioners About Vaccine Distribution Concerns

By Margaret Allen
Frustrations over COVID 19 vaccine availability are being expressed in many areas including last week's Pike County Commissioners meeting. Meaghan Abbott with the Pennsylvania Department of Health attended virtually with an update on distribution of the vaccines in the Commonwealth. Senator Lisa Baker also participated in an effort to help alleviate some of the challenges residents are having. In addition to Wayne Memorial Hospital, which is considered a primary provider for Pike County, vaccine allocations have gone to other facilities including smaller medical offices and retail locations like Price Chopper and Rite Aid. However, the varied locations have created more issues including residents registering at more than one just to get in somewhere and, without additional staff at the facilities, the inability to disburse the shots. The county commissioners and Senator Baker urged Abbott to centralize the allocation and distribution of the vaccines. Commissioner Matt Osterberg:

Osterberg: "We have a great partner here, and it is called Wayne Memorial Hospital. And I think after this meeting we need to have a meeting and you [the legislators] can speak with Wayne Memorial Hospital yourselves and figure out how we can get this in the right direction here and open up vaccination centers in the County."

The mass testing and vaccine clinics have proven to be efficient and effective in servicing the most residents. The local legislators requested a prompt response or meeting to rectify the situation.