On-site Workplace COVID-19 Testing Offered by LRUC

By Margaret Allen
Local businesses can get assistance managing response to employee COVID 19 exposures at Lake Region Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine in Honesdale. As part of Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers, the facility is providing on-site COVID testing, result tracking, and guidance on the quarantine process. Response time to set up testing, which will be conducted at the workplace for employee convenience, ranges from same day to within 24, 48 or 72 hours following initial contact with LRUC. While the cost of a COVID test itself is covered through government funding in most cases, WMCHC charges administrative fees based on the type of test administered, number of employees tested and service response time.
For more information on the Workplace COVID-19 Testing Program, either call 570-390-4545 or email [email protected]