Percent Positivity Rate Down to 6.5% in Pennsylvania, Hospitalization and New Cases Decreasing

By Sam Miller
The rate of positive COVID-19 cases is still dropping in Pennsylvania. According to the COVID-19 Early Warning Monitoring System, the percent positivity rate has dropped once again down to 6.5% statewide with 14,886 new cases over seven days. While these numbers are still high, they are a far sight better than the surge in cases seen around the holiday season at the end of last year where weekly cases were in the hundreds of thousands. More counties have also been taken off of substantial transmission status, though Wayne and Pike remain on that list. Hospitalization is also down, having gotten to below 2,000 statewide. Over 2 million vaccination doses have been given out across the state, 1.5 million of them first doses. Currently, there are about 6,600 first doses given out between Wayne and Pike Counties.