Pike County Pushing Vaccines Thanks to Increased Supply

By Margaret Allen
The long lines and waiting lists for COVID-19 vaccines are gone, now that supply and distribution has increased. The issue now, most notably in Pike County, is getting residents to step up and get the vaccine. The Milford Volunteer Task Force has started a campaign to encourage everyone to get vaccinated. Milford Mayor Sean Strub explains that many local officials and business leaders have joined in.

Strub: "A lot of people are reluctant to get vaccinated for various reasons. The research shows that what makes them more comfortable is when they know their neighbors, their family members, their coworkers, have been vaccinated. So we created a sign on letter for people who have been vaccinated saying 'we did this, we urge you to do it as well' and explaining why it is important. The three Pike County Commissioners were the first to sign the letter. The Sheriff has signed it. Lots of local officials, lots of business leaders."

Pike County has the lowest percentage of the population vaccinated throughout the region and Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Doug Mannion is offering a Zoom call for groups or organizations with members that are still reluctant. Email a request to [email protected]