Spotted Lanternfly Hatching Soon

By Sam Miller
The invasive spotted lanternfly species will be hatching soon, and Pennsylvania homeowners are encouraged to install “circle traps” to capture the pests. Spotted lanternfly nymphs, which will emerge from egg cases over the next several weeks, crawl up tree trunks to feed higher on the tree, and traps can intercept them. Circle traps are funnel-style devices that encircle a tree’s trunk to guide the nymphs into a containment unit as they climb the trees. These work best on smooth-barked trees as tree bark with deep grooves provides a way past the trap. The spotted lanternfly has been a persistent pest after being spotted in the Commonwealth in 2014 and rapidly spreading to over 30 counties, including Wayne and Pike. Residents are encouraged to destroy the eggs of the lanternfly and the bugs themselves whenever they see them. The lanternfly poses a threat to Pennsylvania’s economy, particularly the timber industry. For the latest information about the spotted lanternfly, the state-imposed quarantine in Pennsylvania, management techniques and how to report a sighting, visit the Penn State Extension website at or the state Department of Agriculture website at