Unofficial Election Result for May Primary 2021

By Margaret Allen
The unofficial results for the Municipal Primary Election have been tabulated and in Wayne County the three Magisterial District Justice positions were on the ballot. In 22-3-01, incumbent Bonnie Carney won with both the Republicans and Democrats to retain her her seat in mid and southern Wayne. Kay Bates took the lead with both the Republican and Democratic votes over incumbent Linus Myers for MDJ 22-3-02. Seven candidates were looking to fill the 22-3-04 seat left vacant following the retirement of Justice Ron Edwards. Jonathan Dunsinger topped the list on the Republican side and will head to the General Election against Kerin Podunajec with the most votes on the Democratic ticket. Acting Sheriff Chris Rosler received a large margin over challenger Joe King and all three constitutional amendments along with the statewide referendum received approval with Wayne County voters.

In Pike County all three proposed constitutional amendments were approved by voters as was the statewide referendum. Milford Democratic Mayor Sean Strub heads to the General Election with a challenge by Republican Lisa Emery, and all candidates for the four year terms for Borough Council will also be on the November ballot.

Statewide, in the race for Supreme Court Justice, Republican Kevin Brobson will face off against Democrat Maria Mclaughlin. The Superior Court Judge seat will have a challenge between Democrat Timika Lane, who won by a very small margin, and Republican Megan Sullivan. Republican Stacy Marie Wallace took a lead of nearly two per cent over Commonwealth Court Judge Andrew Crompton to head to the General Election against Democrat Lori A Dumas for the seat. Statewide all for ballot measures were also approved, with the protection against discrimination amendment getting higher approval than the emergency declaration amendments.