Vaccine Clinics with Numerous Openings

By Sam Miller
This week’s COVID 19 update with Dr. James Cruse, Medical Director at Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers, focuses on the vaccines and the availability for everyone to get vaccinated. Locally, less than half the population, in Wayne 40% and Pike 32%, have received the first dose. Initially there wasn’t enough to go around, with full clinics and waiting lists. Most of the older and high risk residents have been vaccinated and now others can easily be accommodated. Dr. Cruse wants to reassure anyone who may be reluctant, that the vaccine is safe and getting the virus is much more dangerous than any temporary side effects from being vaccinated.

Dr. Cruse: "These vaccines are being followed and scrutinized more than any vaccine in history. Followed by the media, reported on, everyone is paying attention to it. These are the most investigated vaccines put out. You do not have to be in any high risk category. Sign up, so hopefully we can have a near-normal summer. Do it for yourself, your friends and family, and the community."

There are availabilities tomorrow (Friday) in Honesdale at the former Rusty Palmers building from 12 noon until 4pm, as well as next Thursday May 6th. You can hear the full podcast with Dr. Cruse online at