Wayne County Adopts New Five-Year Hazard Mitigation Plan

By Sam Miller
Wayne County has officially adopted the new five year Hazard Mitigation Plan. Work on this latest version of the plan began back in 2018 and was nearly completed in 2020 when COVID-19 struck, prompting Wayne County’s Emergency Management Agency to add a chapter on pandemic preparedness and response. Wayne County is one of a handful of Pennsylvania counties with a pandemic preparedness section in their Hazard Mitigation Plan. After being approved at the state and federal level, the Commissioners adopted the plan last week. It was also sent out to the various Wayne County municipalities for adoption, a process that should be completed in April. The plan is available for the public to read on the County’s website. The 2016 version of this plan required getting a match grant, but this version was done “in house”, saving money for the County.