Wayne County Recognizes Child Abuse Awareness Month

By Sam Miller
This month is Child Abuse Awareness month. During the weekly meeting of the Wayne County Commissioners, the District Attorney’s office gave a report on investigations into abuse in the county. In 2020 Wayne County Children & Youth Services had substaintiated 20 reports of child abuse out of nearly 160 allegations. Notably, these were comparable numbers of reports to 2019, meaning the community remained vigilant and reported abuse even in the height of the pandemic. Because of the pandemic, the awareness events this month have been limited in Wayne County. One gesture that still happened is a collection of 20 pinwheels on the grounds of the Park Street Complex to represent and honor victims. The District Attorney’s office has been sharing information with other counties in order to more efficiently fight child abuse. Wayne County officials have also updated their software to allow for remote interviews with victims at the Dickson House in Pike County, allowing for this important work to continue with safe social distancing. If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, or you would like to report an incident, the abuse report hotline is 1-800-932-0313. You can also file a report online at