Wayne County Strikes Defective Mail-In Ballots and Certifies Primary Results

By Sam Miller
Wayne County has decided to not count over two dozen mail-in ballots after receiving guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of State. For the Primary Election, the County collected 28 ballots that had been signed, but had not been dated. The Department of State had allowed such ballots to be counted last November, but altered the guidance for the primary and all foreseeable future elections. Wayne County had temporarily counted the ballots for the unofficial results, but had kept them separated from the rest of the ballots while they sought clarified guidance from Harrisburg. After learning of the change, and consulting with County Solicitor Wendell Kay, the Election Board decided this week to strike those 28 ballots from the count and certify the results of the Primary. Wayne County Direction of the Bureau of Elections Cindy Furman assured the Board that the 28 defective ballots not being counted would not change the outcomes of any races.